Is There Gold in Them There EBay Hills?

Is There Gold in Them There EBay Hills?

Gold! How Valuable Is It? Answer: It depends how much there is and how many kinsfolk want it. If there is a lanky demand and low supply of gold then the value shoots up If there is a low demand and lanky supply of gold then the value plummets You perceive that.

Is There Gold in Them There EBay Hills?

Is There Gold in Them There EBay Hills?

Normally, gold is priced relative to the rampant value which is based on global demand and wholesale supply.

A gold mine shuts down at the twin juncture as the people in the department onset inclination to buy additional gold. and the price logical about stays the same. Why? Because the extensive demand and supply has seldom changed. it’s only changed in that particular domain so it doesn’t make any difference to the widespread price.

So the peak you can do with gold is to buy it in a idyllic where the remuneration is

lowest and hawk in a innocent where the cost is main But after you’ve paid for shipping (it’s VERY heavy) you’re not left with much profit You’d have to keel TONS of the surfeit and ALL the situation to make any ice money.

Which is possible.

But on eBay, the perception of supply and demand can be changed You can make the supply look low and the demand lanky regardless of the universal price.

This means you can buy gold from someone who has made the supply look high/demand look low and resell it production the supply look low/demand look high

I label it “Supply and demand intensification”

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It’s a VERY terrible strategy indeed!

Before I bestow you the example, agreement me explain how it works.

For a supply to be perceived as high, the article must be everywhere you look Loads of people all selling the alike thing practice you can achieve one at any situation sometimes if you wait enthusiasm enough the effects of race cede require the prices down

So you attain loads of people selling it and not many rushing to buy it.

But if it’s a one off, immediately you’ve got a point where the supply is VERY low AND loads of kinsfolk all rushing to buy it (Because it’s scarce)

As a result, the selling emolument goes through the roof!

So when using this strategy, your highest pursuit is to rank your device as a one off. And the only manner to do this, because of the truth that eBay has coagulate categories with no choice but to be listed with all the others, is to insert the expression ‘Rare’ into your cardinal title

Buyers use the term ‘Rare’ in adjunct to their body keyword to whittle down the results and salvage them circumstance looking So instead of just typing ‘Gold’ they type in ‘Gold rare’ or ‘Rare gold’.

EBay then searches for all titles with those two keywords in

When an eBay buyer types in ‘rare’ they sense that the collision that come up consign nearly be ‘once in a lifetime’ buys So these buyers are ready to snap article up.

The ones who kimd in ‘Rare’ alongside the keyword are THE finest buyers you can get! The supply looks very low and the demand (due to the actuality you’ve used the spell ‘Rare’) seems extremely high

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Not only do they buy at a higher price, they also buy as soon as they feasibly can!

A DREAM scenario

Here is the expression of the object I bought..


I former up obtaining two of them for 82 each plus 2 postage.

I used our listing template and inserted the equivalent news they used in their description but in our procedure I then changed the term to.


You’ll decree that I changed the duration ‘Sovereign’ to ‘Medal’ This is because I know that further kinsfolk use the keyword ‘Medal’ than ‘Sovereign’. Mainly because it’s quicker for them to type in

I further added ‘Coronation’ which I belief was an great keyword, and the education AU which is the chemical spell for Gold Then there are the words’ Very Rare’.

That one sold for 212.48. 10 day slanted 1 starting bid. I even donated some to dole which may own helped a bit

Not particularly jocose about this, I put the fresh one up using this title.


Same everything else, just changing ‘Very Rare’ for ‘Rarity’

It sold for 475!

That’s further like it 393 interest less eBay charges.

I’m not 100% sure why ‘Rarity’ out pulled ‘Very Rare’. But I believe if you look at both those terms, ‘Rarity’ implies it really is a one off, and ‘Very rare’ implies there are fully a few ‘Very’ could mean anything

I wondered if this could be applied to any thing I wondered if I could buy a DVD or phenomenon that was in rangy supply, term it rare and peddle it for a profit

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But then I remembered the golden rule: Honesty sells!