Evolution of the Jewelry Trade

The jewelry trade had its humble onslaught in the days of the caveman. Today its a substantial and golden industry Jewelry is worn with everything from jeans and sneakers to aesthetic evening wear How it all began is entirely an interesting story.

Evolution of the Jewelry Trade

The jewelry trade had its humble assault in the days of the autocratic Today its a enormous and halcyon industry Jewelry is worn with everything from jeans and sneakers to artistic crepuscule wear. How it all began is absolutely an interesting story

Earliest forms of jewelry were worn by cavemen Their jewelry was crudely fashioned of sea shells as well as animal teeth, claws or bones. Graves of prehistoric folks posses revealed beaded jewelry as well as jewelry made of ivory, wood or metal

Studies of the senescent Egyptians revealed well-crafted jewelry The Egyptians were probably the finest to alloy gemstones with gold or precious metals. The priests of Bible days wore breastplates made with rows of diamonds, emeralds and additional gemstones

Workers who made tools or weapons for battle became the prime jewelry craftsmen

As they worked with metals to make the equipment of war, they discovered the fine art of using the metals to create precious jewelry.

The jewelry trade came to American with the peak settlers An artisan could fix a broken farm implement, a wagon wheel or routine a nuptial ring New York City became the skipper of the precious metal industry in the 1890s with the boon jewelry store opened at the inception of the 19th century.

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The 20th century ushered in machines which created jewelry and collection moulding began in manufacturing plants Jewelry became other available and further affordable. New York City is torpid the headquarters in the United States for the main designers and artisans.

During the mid 1900s jewelry artists began scheming and creating their have specials lines of jewelry These are sold in up-scale stores, boutiques or galleries Today, jewelry is available in specialty jewelry stores, domain stores, mall kiosks, boat shows, etc.

The Internet and television shopping channels furthermore claim a vast ration of jewelry sales

Many celebrities now own their keep sequence of jewelry These are principally sold on television or up-scale area stores Usually the designs are high-fashion and elaborately crafted.

Jewelry is worn by men, women and issue of all ages It has become increasingly popular. Theres always rhapsody in giving jewelry to ticket major occasions such as engagements, weddings, birth of a child, anniversaries, etc Jewelry bequeath be around for eternity

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